5 Cannabis Grow Tools you can’t live without!

With any job or hobby its essential to have the right tools of the trade to ensure your success and make your life a whole lot easier! Throughout the years of growing Ive come across a few tools that I couldn’t live with out! Growing cannabis can be a long, time consuming venture but these tools will make it much quicker and easier, so read below!

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The Best Cannabis Tools – At A Glance

In a rush? No problem! here is a condensed list of my top 5 tools at a glance. Read below for more information and pictures of each tool.

  1. Electronic Light Timer ( Programmable )
  2. PH Tester
  3. PH Down
  4. Adjustable Ratchet Hangers
  5. Bud Trimmers ( Fiskars )

Electronic Light Timer

This will be one of the first items you will need to buy for your grow tent. Plants that are in the vegetative state need 18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness. When you switch to flowering it will be 12/12. Messing this up could cause a lot of harm to your plants and potentially kill them or severely affect the harvest! Make sure you buy a good timer and program it right. Take a look below to see the one that I use. Its cheap, works great and I have had zero issues so far!

PH Tester

When growing cannabis indoors you will be frequently adding water and nutrients to your plants to help them grow. However its important to provide your plants with the correct type of water, this includes properly PH testing your water! Luckily, its very easy to do. Most plants prefer a PH between 5.5-6.5. Simply put your tester into the water, and wait for the results. You can then adjust the PH accordingly. If its too high ( which it usually is ) you can simply use “Ph Down” and you can see below.

PH Down

As previously mentioned PH down is essential to providing your plants with the quality water they need. Luckily, PH down is usually very affordable and its potent so it will last you a long time. Ive used the same bottle for over 5 full grows! It’s also really simple to use. Test the water, add PH down, re test. Do this until you are satisfied with the results. Remember! if you put too much in you can undo it, so just go a little at a time.

Adjustable Ratchet Hangers

These are absolute game changers. I don’t know what I’d do without these! Simple but genius design these allow you to hang lights, fans, carbon filters and everything else you can imagine. The advantage of these is that they are so simple to adjust. Simply press a button and you can move them up or down in seconds. I have a ton of these and use them all the time. Considering how often you have to adjust the height of your lights you will get your moneys worth on these in no time especially considering how cheap they are! Dont skip out on these.

Bud Trimmers

After all your hard work growing you now face the most daunting task…Trimming several ounces of bud! Trimming can be very tiring but also extremely rewarding. To ensure your buds are professional trimmed you need a good set of trimmers. This is one area you shouldn’t cheap out. A good set of bud trimmers will last you a really long time and will save you countless hours of work. In my opinion, Fiskar makes the absolute best trimmers. I can’t say enough good things about these and they always work great. Just remember, if you have some sticky bud you will need to clean these trimmers.


Every grower needs a set of tools to accomplish their goals, these are my favourites. I have personally used and tested these myself and can honestly recommend all of these. I hope this helps, and makes your growing even easier!

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