5 Cannabis Grow Tools you can’t live without!

With any job or hobby its essential to have the right tools of the trade to ensure your success and make your life a whole lot easier! Throughout the years of growing Ive come across a few tools that I couldn’t live with out! Growing cannabis can be a long, time consuming venture but these … Read more

How to Germinate Seeds

The first step in growing cannabis is to germinate your seeds. This is arguably the most important step because you cant start growing without a successful germination. Seeds can be expensive so its essential that you germinate them correctly to save time and money. This guide will show you many different methods of germinating your … Read more

What is The Best HPS Bulb for Flowering?

When you decide to change your light schedule and put your plants into the flowering stage there are many options you can choose from for lighting, however I vastly prefer HPS Bulbs. Luckily HPS Bulbs are very common and are fairly standardized giving you many different suppliers to choose from. In this guide I will … Read more

How to Set up Ventilation in Grow Tent

Ventilation Flow Chart

Ventilation is an essential component of your indoor grow tent, and it helps in many ways. This will be a complete guide on how to set up ventilation in grow tent. Stagnant air can cause a lot of problems inside a grow tent. Mold, mildew and bugs can occur if the air is stagnant or … Read more

How to Know When to Harvest Cannabis

Freshly Harvested Cannabis

Harvesting your cannabis at the right time is crucial to achieving high quality cannabis! You’ve made it this far! Your plants are looking good, the buds are filling in and you are dying to harvest your plants and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But before you do, read this guide to ensure you are … Read more