Cree CXB3590 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Cree Cob Grow Light

Cree CXB3590 ReviewChoosing the right light for your grow tent can be a daunting task. There are so many styles, types and brands its hard to know exactly which one will work the best. Today’s blog post will be a Cree CXB3590 Review and I will be covering many topics such as technical specifications, efficiency, cost, and overall effectiveness as an indoor grow light. I will also offer my own opinion on this light based off my experience growing indoor cannabis and working with many different lights. I will also be going into detail about the Cree CXB3590 spectrum as this is an important factor when it comes to grow lights as the plants require a specific light spectrum at each stage of their growth.

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Cree Cob Grow Light – What You Should Know?

This Cree grow light is small and compact but really packs a punch! Being an LED light it is very efficient in terms of electricity use, and does not produce excess amounts of heat. This particular bulb only consumes ~ 60 watts of energy and can replace 200W HID bulbs. This new and improved version can deliver up to 20 % more lumens than the previous model. The LED driver for this light is made from high quality, waterproof materials ensuring the longevity of the product and a stable voltage during use. With the efficient 90 degree lens you can guarantee your plants will receive even light distribution which is optimal for growth.

This Cree grow light can cover a maximum area of up to 70 square feet and the light can be placed anywhere from 8 inches to 60 inches away from your plants depending on which stage of growth they are in. The working temperature range for this light is from -20 to 40 degrees Celsius making it suitable for all applications. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours you can count on several successful harvests with this light.

This type of light is known as a “COB” or “Chip-on-Board”. With this style of light the LEDs are mounted directly to the silicone substrate. The advantage to this, is that you can have a much higher densisty of LEDS resulting in a more powerful and intense light spectrum to maximize plant growth. When comparing a COB LED to a DIP LED you will find that a COB light will produce almost 40x more light with the same size fixture!

Keys Features & Specs

TypeChip On Board (COB)
Voltage Input120/240v
Viewing Angle115 Degrees
Size1.4″ x 1.4″
Lumens/Watt145 lm/W
Lifetime50,000 hours

COB CXB3590 Pros & Cons


  • Compact and powerful due to a high density of LEDS
  • Excellent intensity at close distances
  • Full Spectrum light for all stages of growing
  • General purpose light that can be used for many plants or applications


  • Sometimes more expensive than old style LEDS
  • Must be careful of knock-offs and fake versions
  • Light spectrum could be supplemented with other lights for an even better spectrum

Cree CXB3590 Spectrum

Below you will find a chart which provides additional information about the light spectrum. This is what is known as Spectral power distribution. This is a more advanced topic and not really necessary to know for setting up a grow tent, however if you are interested you can read more and get a good starting point by reading the wikipedia article on spectral power distribution. From a growers perspective, whats important to know is that the Cree CXB3590 operates at 3500k wavelength and 80 CRI providing a balanced light spectrum for both vegging and flowering.

Cree CXB3590 Spectrum

Cree CXB3590 Heatsink

Every light will give off some amount of heat, and even though LEDs are much better than HIDs in terms of heat its still good to use a heatsink. Many heatsinks look like the one below and are made up of aluminum fins to dissipate the heat evenly. You can buy these separately and attach them to your lights or buy a fixture that already includes heatsinks. Using a good quality heat sink will help your LED run cooler and more efficiently thereby increasing the lifespan and longevity of your light.


Different Fixtures for CXB3590 light

The CXB3590 Chip-on-board LED can be used in many different styles of fixtures. For example you can get fixtures with reflectors to help spread the light more evenly, or dimmable options. Some will even come with built in cooling by using heatsinks and fans. Some growers prefer to buy several boards and connect them together in a daisy chain to create their own custom light fixture. I find it easier to buy a prebuilt light fixture that already contains the LEDs and all the other options such as the ones below.

Cree 3590 Vs HID Lights – How Do They Compare?

The Cree 3590 is a COB LED and its direct competitor would be bulbs referred to as “High Intensity Discharge” more commonly known as HID. HID Bulbs come in two styles; Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Using HID fixtures means you have to change bulbs throughout different stages of growth. You will also have to take into consideration the extra heat they create and use exhaust fans to control temperatures. COB Led’s have the clear advantage of running much cooler, and more energy efficiently. Its also a lot easier to string together a bunch of LED lights compared to buying multiple fixtures for HID bulbs.


When it comes to Chip-on-Board LED grow lights, the Cree CXB3590 is certainly one of my top overall choices. Its provide a full light spectrum, high intensity light and is know to be reliable and last a long time. You can find this COB LED in many different fixtures with an assortment of different options to suit your needs. Overall, I give the CXB3590 a rating of 4.5/5. If you are planning on building a grow tent with COB lights then I would highly recommend this light!

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